Brij BugTrap Consultancy Pty. Ltd. (BBTCPL)

Welcome and thanks for your interest in exploring the Brij BugTrap Consultancy Pty. Ltd. (BBTCPL) web site. Brij BugTrap Consultancy Pty. Ltd. is an Australian based company and currently operating in Victoria with a view to expand nationally. The company was formed in August 2000.

BBTCPL’s mission is to solve client problems using the knowledge and experience in the Entomology field. We think of ourselves as a company dedicated to helping businesses and government agencies alike add value to their operations.

Our clients rely on us to make sense of the array of choices they face while trying to make smart changes to keep their organizations lean, focused, and profitable. The operating model here can be summed up in one word — trust. Our clients know that we are in partnership with them for the long haul and that we have their interests in mind at all times.We commit to client satisfaction as our most important business objective.

Brij BugTrap Consultancy Pty. Ltd. Consultancy is also a member of the “Nursery Industry Association Of Victoria”.

As you browse through our web site, you will undoubtedly form your own personal perceptions about Brij BugTrap Consultancy Pty. Ltd.. But here is a reality that I point to with great pride: no company matches the span of our services. Or the depth of our knowledge in the industry and expertise. Or the scope of industries we cover. Everything we do is for a single reason: to add value to our clients’ business and provide them with a great satisfaction.

The business of adding value — that’s the power of Brij BugTrap Consultancy Pty. Ltd. (BBTCPL).